Stronger by Anna Holmes

Stronger by Anna Holmes

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Welcome to 'Stronger' by me Anna Holmes.

Stronger is an 8-week online training and nutrition programme for women looking to transform their shape, strength, and confidence in the gym.

Women shouldn't be scared of going the gym alone or lifting weights. I am here to help educate you and be by your side every step of the way. This is your programme and I am your coach.

This programme includes:

  • Stronger Training Programme delivered through our online coaching app complete with full video demos and coaching cues.

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan calories, macros, meal options, updates.

  • Training and Nutrition Handbooks educational guide that teach you how/why this system works.

  • Weekly Check-Ins and Direct Coach Support Anna Holmes will personally be working with you.

    This programme is limited to 10 members only to allow focused support and to test drive this new online system.


    Join the squat squad now!


    Season Three

    Start Date: 7th March 2021

    Registration Deadline: 6th March 2021

    End Date: 1st May 2021


    *Once registered you will receive:

    • Personal welcome email

    • Training + nutrition educational handbooks

    • Initial check in form (plans will be tailored and sent following this personal information)